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Turning the Tables on Fate

Opportunity does knock, but sometimes --- no, make that all the time --- you need to flip the script and go knocking on opportunity’s door.

I was looking through online job postings a short while back when I saw an ad looking for “freelance writers with an expertise in gaming”. Now, while I do fancy myself a decent writer and have played more than my share of videogames over the last, um, two decades or so, this wasn’t really the kind of gig I was looking for. However, one of the job duties in the ad caught my eye:

“…Drafting a script for our voice talent.”

I immediately drafted an email asking if that voice talent would be hired directly, and stating that if so, I’d be ready and available. I think my query took them by surprise, but it led immediately to an audition and --- one week later --- a gig. I’ll be voicing tutorials for a number of highly popular online games (including some MMORPGs, for those of you who speak “gamer”).

It just goes to prove the adage that you’ve got to go find the gigs; to sit around hoping that they’ll find you is to very nearly ensure that they won’t.


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What a great way to get the gig. I shall be recommending such ingenuity to my voiceover students here in the UK.

Good luck with the next venture.

Voice-Over Masterclass

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