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Voiceover from the Client's POV

As a voiceover talent, one's job is to serve the needs of the client. Some of us can lose sight of that at times, and a reminder from a different perspective can come in handy. 

A few months ago, I posted my articles on getting started in VO to Helium.com, a site that publishes articles both pro and amatuer, on a variety of topics. Looking around the site to see if any other voiceover-related articles had been published, I found a keeper by Robert Dwyer.

Robert's article is titled similarly to mine, but his piece adds some important information that no aspiring VO artist should be without: don't bite the hand that feeds. It's a bit of advice found all too rarely in beginning-voiceover articles, and it carries the extra weight of his status as producer and director of voice talent for TV.

If you're getting your feet wet as a voice talent, read Robert's article twice and keep it bookmarked.


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I enjoyed the article/rant from Robert who sounds like he's had to work some challenging voice talent in his past...so I guess its good that I've not worked with him...I've not been one of the problematic VO's ;)

Best always,


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