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Behind the Scenes: Hulk VO Actors





IGN pulls back the curtain on voiceover recording sessions for the new Hulk video game (based on the upcoming movie starring Edward Norton):


VE3D Video for The Incredible Hulk (PC) - Dev Diary Vid #4 


Short but revealing interviews with the actors (including William Hurt, Tim Roth and Liv Tyler) give an insight into the approach taken to performing their characters, and also to the surprises that even experienced film actors encounter when voicing a game --- get ready to grunt and scream for your supper!

In light of some of my recent posts, I think this video only serves to underscore that voice acting is more than just saying one's lines when the red light goes on.


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Hi David,

Thanks for posting this! Other exciting news... I interviewed J.D. Hall and it's now live on VOX Daily.

I love this business :)

Best wishes,


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