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License to Kill: Revoked





Looks like I'm out. Daniel Craig has apparently agreed to voice Bond in the new game.

I don't blame the producers one bit for securing Craig as he became available. The original audition was for voice matches for Craig and other principals, and the fact that they looked for non-union actors like myself probably means the stars were too pricy; considering that Activision also now has Judi Dench on board, money doesn't appear to be an issue for them any longer.

I'd be less than honest if I said I wasn't disappointed, but I understand how these things work. Life goes on.


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Sorry to hear that Dave. Their loss. Let them know you'd be happy to charge them just as much as Daniel Craig and see if that sparks their interest again.

Wow, tough break Dave. I was looking forward to hearing about the experience. Congrats on getting the job in the first place and may your next gig surpass this one.


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