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February 25, 2009

In a World of Inexcusable Oversights...

Actor and voiceover artist Don LaFontaine, who created and perfected the art of the movie-trailer voiceover, was inexplicably omitted from the 81st Academy Awards' montage of deceased luminaries.


I watched the montage of deceased luminaries on last Sunday's 81st annual Academy Awards, and couldn't put my finger on just what seemed to be missing. When it dawned on me a few moments later, I was stunned; the Academy had omitted the passing of the man who literally invented --- and then perfected --- the art of the movie-trailer voiceover. Don LaFontaine voiced over 5,000 trailers in his long career, and became the standard by which all other trailer voices are measured. He was, quite literally, the voice of the art form celebrated by the Oscars.

It's too late for the Oscar telecast, of course, but I urge you to let the Academy know how you feel about this glaring omission.

UPDATE: There's now a Facebook fan page dedicated to finding 1 million fans who believe Don should be posthumously awarded an honorary Oscar. If you agree, join up and let them know.

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February 22, 2009

Anime Voice Acting 101

Bang Zoom! Entertainment has been running a series of voice acting workshops around the country, answering the eternal question: “how do I become an anime voice actor?”. Anime News Network sat down with workshop teacher Tony Oliver, a longtime voice actor, director and producer, to find out what it's all about.


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February 15, 2009

You Oughtta Be In Voiceovers

Ever been told you should be doing voiceovers? Ever told someone they should be doing voiceovers? Here's a brief but must-read article on the reality behind what the next step actually entails.

UPDATE: A fellow voice talent shared her experiences, in a response to this post in another forum. Here are her thoughts:


My reality: $14,000 later with a professional demo and directors, agents and actors telling me I'm competitive and the top student in the working professional classes, agents all told me "I have that niche filled." and "I'm sorry, you're too old to portray children. You can't possibly understand their motivations."

An audiobook startup is happy to use me for character work in exchange for copies of the books and a small mixer board they outgrew. My voice is on another "resume job" display in a museum of coin-op amusements.

I return to working on advancing my day job career with dreams of building a studio of my own to record the antique children's books I've collected.

For everyone who makes it big, how many are working with broken dreams?

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February 06, 2009

A Top-Notch Audiobook Debut



Ten Mile River

available at Audible.com


Congratulations are in order for my friend and VO colleague Joe Rodriguez, whose debut audiobook performance is now available. Ten Mile River is also the first novel by author Paul Griffin, and Joe delivers a compelling reading of this gritty, realistic tale. Kudos to Joe, and I expect this will be the first of many terrific audiobook narrations from him.

(NOTE: The audio sample contains strong and potentially offensive language; it occurs within the context of the novel, of course, but be advised.)

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February 02, 2009

Mary C. McKitrick on PBS


National Broadcast Premiere of "Forgotten Ellis Island" by Lorie Conway, Filmmaker. Narrated by Elliott Gould, Historical voices by Mary C. McKitrick.  Tonight, February 2nd on PBS at 10 pm or check local listings



VO talent Mary C. McKitrick (MCM Voices), a friend and colleague of mine, provides "historical voices" alongside Elliot Gould's narration on tonight's premiere of Forgotten Ellis Island on PBS. Kudos for Mary on this outstanding and high-profile voice job!

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