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In a World of Inexcusable Oversights...

Actor and voiceover artist Don LaFontaine, who created and perfected the art of the movie-trailer voiceover, was inexplicably omitted from the 81st Academy Awards' montage of deceased luminaries.


I watched the montage of deceased luminaries on last Sunday's 81st annual Academy Awards, and couldn't put my finger on just what seemed to be missing. When it dawned on me a few moments later, I was stunned; the Academy had omitted the passing of the man who literally invented --- and then perfected --- the art of the movie-trailer voiceover. Don LaFontaine voiced over 5,000 trailers in his long career, and became the standard by which all other trailer voices are measured. He was, quite literally, the voice of the art form celebrated by the Oscars.

It's too late for the Oscar telecast, of course, but I urge you to let the Academy know how you feel about this glaring omission.

UPDATE: There's now a Facebook fan page dedicated to finding 1 million fans who believe Don should be posthumously awarded an honorary Oscar. If you agree, join up and let them know.


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Posted to the Oscars web site and submitted as such:

"I realize it’s very difficult to properly recognize all the important film industry people who have died yearly in the Oscar telecast.

However, can you explain the reasoning for omitting from this year's in Memoriam segment Don LaFontaine, whose voice was likely featured on many of the Academy's most famous films? I think he also served as one of the voices of the Oscars but I am not absolutely sure on that.

It strikes me as a public slap to his family and an embarrassment to the Academy. This wrong must somehow be righted."

Thanks for the tip.

Best always,
- Peter

I appreciate your words about Mr. LaFontaine.
It truly was a shameful oversight on the part of the Academy.
Best Regards,
G.Faith Klassen
Voiceover Artist

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