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Cipher Complex

Get a gander at this great clip of a game I gabbed on, as a guard, grunter, and groaner. Got it? Good.

Cipher Complex isn't a fully developed game; in fact, it unfortunately didn't make its way into full production. This clip is a vertical slice, or a gameplay demo for the early development stage. I did my work under the direction of the fabulous DB Cooper.

Even though this title didn't see store shelves, I'm still thrilled to be in the company of great voice talents like Anthony Mendez (Cipher), Philip Banks (bad guy General Kim), and DB, who appropriately voices Mission Control. Kevin Genus also gets guard and grunt duty here.


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Good stuff with a great crew!

That’s very interesting. So was this “vertical slice” the extent of your voice work on the project? Do you know why it never entered full production? Apparently it was a complete demo as far back as 2007! Also, have you worked with the voice actor Stephen Russell yet?

George - Thanks!

Jacob - Yes, the work I did was strictly for the slice. There's been quite a bit of development done before and after my involvement, but I don't know the reason(s) for its on-ice status. This isn't the first game I've been involved with that got held up at some point in production, and it probably won't be the last. I've haven't met or worked with Stephen Russell.

From what I heard (and this is still unconfirmed), when Sega dropped the game, the developer lost funding and couldn’t continue making it, similar to how The Outsider from Frontier Developments had been put on hold when its publisher lost interest (twice!) But, I really hope that Cipher Complex gets made – it has an intense espionage story and it would be GREAT to hear all of your voices again!

Thanks, Jacob!

That's a shame, it seems to have a lot of potential. Nice work!


Thanks! That praise goes for the whole cast, too.

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